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Obama turns down GOP offer to meet today to discuss the debt crisis

A day after scolding Congress for failing to do its job, the prolific golfing president declines to do his.

On the Senate floor this morning, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell invited the president to meet with GOP senators at the Capitol “anytime this afternoon” to discuss their objections to his deficit-cutting package. McConnell said the meeting would give Obama an opportunity to “hear directly from Senate Republicans” why Congress will not pass his proposals, which include increased tax revenues. The Kentucky Republican said that would move the discussion to “what’s actually possible.”

White House responded, saying all Republicans were interested in doing at the proposed meeting was to “restate their maximalist position” and force the president “to hear what would not pass.” Spokesman Jay Carney added: “That’s not a conversation worth having.”

Facing an August 2 deadline for raising the nation’s debt limit, the Senate has dropped plans for a Fourth of July break. Declaring, “we have work to do,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced this morning that the Senate will be back in session on Tuesday.

The Aug 2 deadline is false. Treasury will only default if Obama decides that default is in his political interests. Revenue will continue to come into the government’s coffers; Treasury can prioritize payments and debt service to avoid default.

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