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… stands for “Big Organizations That Act Like Idiots”, a topic that has puzzled me for a long time.  This is an Ignite talk I gave some while ago:

… in which I talk about my own view of some of the reasons big organizations act like idiots.  I’m not just posting this to get it above the amazing 196 viewings it’s had (although that’d be cool), but because I’m setting up another video I’ll post tomorrow (not mine) on how people are really motivated.

This is building up toward a conclusion I’m going to give away up front: I think the evidence is that top-down central planning is flawed, whether in a company or a government, and the flaws are inherent, essential, and inescapable. The notion that a top-down central control can possibly be effective is at the heart of why big organizations act like idiots.

(One tiny update: I do say a Naughty Word in the course of the talk. )