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PPP says Obama leads Perry by Texas?

Yeah, right. What does PPP stand for – Pathetic Push Polling? Consider yourselves dismissed as a credible polling outfit, Triple-P.

The idea that Texas will go for Obama in 2012 in any circumstances is laughable. The man came down to our border with Mexico, which is currently something of a security and crime issue, and played insult comic. And he did this while ignoring the wild fires that were burning across another part of the state. Obama has consistently launched economic attacks on Texas, and we’ve noticed. His governing style and priorities are 180 degrees out of sync with the state, and we’ve noticed that too. Obama lost Texas by a smooth dozen points last time around, against a GOP nominee that didn’t exactly light up the sky down here. If Gov. Perry’s on the ticket, it’s a 20-point rout, easy. Maybe more. And Perry isn’t even the most popular Republican politician down here (he beat her handily in the GOP gov primary in 2010).

Bottom line: PPP is a joke.