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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood joins liberal secular coalition

For those in Hillaryland at the State Department who triumphantly praised Egypt’s “Arab Spring” and pooh poohed the idea that this opened the door to a future Muslim Brotherhood-led government, it’s “uh oh” time.


As the Jewish online site Arutz Sheva reports this morning:

“Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has created a coalition of 17 parties, including liberal and secular groups, to form a common platform ahead of legislative elections, Egyprian state media said Wednesday.

The new political alliance, including the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, the liberal Wafd party, the left-leaning Tagammu, and the newly formed Salafi (Muslim Fundamentalist) Noor party, say they joined forces to “channel their efforts… into building a state of law based on citizenship, equality and sovereignty of the people.”

The election is scheduled for September.

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