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It's as if Ace has spent some time around Texas media liberals

He calls them “cranky” and “under siege,” because they’re liberals in the media in a big red state. Indeed they are that, with a shade of dishonesty to boot. I’m saving a story about that for an appropriate time, from my time with the state GOP. But you don’t know the half of it.

This foolish “gay” rumor about Gov. Perry isn’t even coming from the Texas media liberals, this time. It’s coming from East Coast liberal bloggers, probably Mike Stark. If Politico is talking to him, then they’re a disgrace to journalism and that’s all there is to it. Stark tried stirring that nonsense up shortly before the 2010 election, when it was beyond clear that Perry was set to trounce Democrat Bill White in the governor’s race. Stark, the liberal troublemaker who likes to stalk Republicans and make stupid videos about it, started calling around to members of the State Republican Executive Committee, state Reps’ offices, county chairs etc, just speed dialing Republicans to pester them with questions about this business. It was all highly repugnant, and showed the depths of liberal hypocrisy and intolerance. The only thing liberals really tolerate is more liberalism. If you’re a conservative, and especially if you’re an effective conservative who has repeatedly beaten Democrats as Gov. Perry has, then everything about you is fair game whether there is a shred of truth about it or not. They will  invent lies and spread them around like manure, hoping to get a few weeds to pop up.

Politico really should be ashamed of itself for even discussing what amounts to a liberal blogger’s irresponsile smear campaign. They’re obviously, at least in this respect, no better than dumpster diver Mike Stark and his little cadre of character assassins.