Poll shows good news for a certain governor who might run for president

The word “trounce” makes an appearance.

In the survey of nearly 1,000 likely Republican primary voters, New Jersey Gov. Christie gets a resounding 62 percent of the vote to Romney’s 19 percent, with the remaining 19 percent not sure.

Texas Gov. Perry gets 55 percent of the vote when matched against former Massachusetts Gov. Romney, who receives 22 percent, with 23 percent not sure.

“No matter which way you look at this, Romney’s candidacy has holes within the core Republican base,” pollster John Zogby tells Newsmax. “In simple head-to-head matchups against the two non-candidates, he gets drubbed.”


You know who this helps? Well, not Mitt Romney. And with Christie threatening suicide to prove that he’s not going to run…

This plus Bachmann’s surge to the lead in another poll suggests that Romney is anything but inevitable. One debate performance, or even the thought of other candidates jumping in, sets things to a spin. The GOP field is volatile, to say the least.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)


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