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NYT's Thomas Friedman is a "modest man"

Thomas “What Me Fatuous?” Friedman has proffered yet another of his attempts to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem all by himself in the pages of the New York Times – What To Do With Lemons. In the case of a Friedman column, spit them out?

JG, Caesarea makes short work of Friedman on his blog:

Friedman would have Israel return to the 1967 borders with “mutually agreed border adjustments and security arrangements.” Well, I’m ready for this, Tom, but first explain to me those very simple “security arrangements.” You see, I personally witnessed some of those 12,000 mortar shells, rockets and missiles hit civilian targets in southern Israel, yet a cynical world never cared, demanding only that Israel respond “proportionately.”

So what is the solution? Perhaps there is no current solution. Given the violence, upheaval and uncertainty surrounding the so-called “Arab Spring,” Fatah and Hamas, both struggling to remain in power, are at the moment prevented from reaching any compromise with Israel. In the real world, as opposed to the Merry Old Land of Oz located in Maryland just outside of Washington, timing is critical.

Let’s first hear from either Fatah or Hamas that they are prepared to recognize Israel’s right to exist within any boundaries whatsoever, and then let’s start to talk. Unfortunately, this is a precondition that neither Fatah nor Hamas can presently accept.