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Gangster government: Indefensible

Michael Barone slams the Democrats’ gangster approach to the oil companies. Their crime? Discovering and delivering the lifeblood of our economy. After a few decades of demagoguery, the wildcatter wears a black hat and Big Oil is bad. Over the weekend, I blogged the fight between Texas and the EPA. J. E. Dyer followed up on that fight on Sunday. The issues are related; as Texas leads the nation in job creation and gets set for what may be another energy boom, the Obama administration is throwing sand in the gears. Its latest effort to do that centers on a little lizard that may become another excuse to stop oil drilling, out in West Texas. What are Texans getting forall those tax dollars going north to Washington? Mostly, grief and insults.

While the federal government is going out of its way to get in the way of economic development, it’s shirking one of its core duties, namely, to secure the border. And everyone knows that politics are the reason why. It’s about outreach, it’s about some globalist agenda to erase national borders, whatever. Whatever the motivation, the bottom line is that the government isn’t doing its job.

It is striking. The administration goes out of its way to assault a state’s economy, while it’s also going out of the way not to do what the Constitution orders it to do.

Once again, I find myself in agreement with White House chief of staff Bill Daley:

“Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible.”