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Communications Workers union leader dubs NJ's governor 'Adolph Christie'

The new tone: Compare your governor to a genocidal tyrant for trying to save his state from bankruptcy! Video at the link.

Today, at a rally in Trenton, N.J., a union leader compared Gov. Chris Christie (R.) and Democratic state legislators to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. The picketers were protesting a deal currently under review by the state legislature to make public employees contribute more to their health insurance and pensions.

“Welcome to Nazi Germany!” Chris Shelton, vice president of Communication Workers of America District 1, told the crowd. “We have Adolf Christie and his two generals [Democratic state legislative leaders] trying to make New Jersey Nazi Germany. Are we going to let them?”

He helpfully added that it will take “World War III” to get rid of Christie. Evidently he’s unaware that Christie will be up for re-election in a couple of years. Ultimately, this sort of speech trivializes Hitler’s monstrous crimes and the millions he condemned to their deaths.

This is the rhetoric of a desperate movement that has begun to sense that time has passed it by. So, to borrow Barack Obama’s rhetoric, it is bitterly clinging to its god — power — via repulsive speech and tactics.