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Audio: Andrew Breitbart reacts to Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation from Congress

Andrew Breitbart gave his first post-Weinergate interview on nationally syndicated America’s Radio News just after Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress earlier today. Breitbart didn’t hack today’s press conference, in fact he was several states away in Minnesota when it occurred. But that didn’t stop liberals from accusing him of having protesters shout at Weiner as he announced he would leave the House. Those protesters turned out to be from the Howard Stern show.

Breitbart starts off the segment reminding everyone just how much false reporting about him drove the Weinergate story early on. Breitbart also hammers away at the liberals who write Salon and other online publications and blogs that tried turning the scandal into yet another excuse to attack Breitbart’s credibility. He also says that while it might have been good for Republicans to have Weiner in the House to slap around, the Congressman has ended up doing the right thing for the country and for his family, in resigning.

(hat tip to America’s Radio News Network for this audio exclusive)