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White House warns Congress against sending 'mixed messages' on war

You mean, like this?

Or this?

No, heavens no, they’re whining about Libya, a war they won’t call a war which has nothing to do with our national interests. The Democrats were cool with sending all kinds of mixed signals when we were battling a fierce Islamic insurgency in the heart of the Middle East. But on the fringes, in the NATO kinetic whatever against Daffy the Dictator? You’d better watch what you say.

The White House said Wednesday that it will send a report and legal analysis to Congress outlining the mission in Libya and the administration’s legal rationale for believing that President Obama is acting in accordance with the War Powers Act.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the more than 30-page report and analysis will be sent to Congress Wednesday afternoon.

Carney also issued a warning, saying it is “important for Congress not to send mixed signals about a goal… we all share.”