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Dropping the Defense of Marriage Act case wasn’t the law firm’s first outrageous action

Recall that former Solicitor General Paul Clement quit his law firm, King and Spalding, when they unceremoniously dumped their client (the House of Representatives) and efforts to preserve the Defense of Marriage Act.  King and Spalding caved in to activist pressure.  As a result, multiple clients, such as the Commonwealth of Virginia and the National Rifle Association, returned the favor and fired King and Spalding.  I have this piece today detailing a tawdry incident where King and Spalding was sanctioned by a federal court in Georgia for outrageously unprofessional conduct – against former DOJ Attorney Christopher Coates.

Coates instructed his paralegal to call the King and Spalding lawyers to explain what happened (which she did), and Coates immediately left for North Carolina to be with his dying father.

Human decency and professional courtesy would dictate that the lawyers merely reschedule the deposition. But King and Spalding instead filed a motion for monetary sanctions against Coates for being at his critically ill father’s bedside instead of attending a deposition!

Not only did Judge Fitzpatrick deny the motion for sanctions, he actually awarded sanctions against the King and Spalding lawyers for fling the motion in the first place.