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Syryan state document may prove Assad regime involvement in "Nakba" riots

Michael Weiss, a writer who has worked for PJM and is currently blogging for the Daily Telegraph in London, has published a document proving formal Syrian government (read: Assad) involvement in Nakba Day incursions into Israel on the Golan Heights. From Weiss:

The document (below) which bears the Syrian Republic emblem, is dated May 14, 2011 and describes an “urgent meeting” of Major General Asef Shawkat, the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces, and the chiefs of security and military intelligence branches in the province in Al-Qunaitera, which is located at the Syrian-Israeli border. The memorandum outlines how the regime ordered the dispatching of 20 buses, each one with a passenger capacity of 47, to cross the border into Majdal-Shamms in the Golan Heights in order to precipitate a confrontation between Palestinian refugees and Israeli soldiers and UN peacekeeping forces, thereby distracting international attention from the Syrian revolution.

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