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Michelle Obama sings false praise of husband

First Lady Michelle Obama has been given the green light to campaign again for her husband’s re-election bid.  At a gathering in Pasadena, California the other night, the First Lady had this to say about President Obama’s work ethic:


“He reads every word, every memo, so he is better prepared than the people briefing him,” she said. “This man doesn’t take a day off.”

Maybe the Obama handlers should reconsider their decision to let her campaign, as there are two glaring errors in her statement.

First, we are thrilled that Obama reads “…every word, every memo…” To be honest, we’re just glad there are Democrats out there who still actually read!  But don’t tell us this like it’s a revelation.  The president should read every word, and every memo.  The president should be aware of the facts.  While he should have a staff of qualified, competent people around him (very questionable in this administration) the president has a responsibility to himself, and to the nation, to be up on the facts, and aware of situations. If he wasn’t reading every memo, I’d be even more worried about the future of this nation.

Second, Mrs. Obama says:

“This man doesn’t take a day off.”

Maybe not compared to you, Mrs. Obama, but he takes days off.  Many days off.  An incredible amount of days off! (According to FOX News, Mr. Obama golfed for 11 consecutive weekends before Mrs. Obama gave this speech.)  Certainly, no president can escape the job entirely.  And, thanks to capitalism and free markets, innovation and creativity have allowed for mobile offices and instant, secure communications near anywhere in the world.  But telling people that the President doesn’t take a day off is just false, and an insult to many across the country that can no longer afford a vacation.


Mrs. Obama has a warped sense of reality, and of her husband’s work ethic.  I believe we will see less of her as the campaign continues. Or, more to the point, I hope so.  No one should be insulted this much.

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