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Match lit: Weiner's poll numbers burnt to a crisp

I think the Weiner Action Figure’s poll numbers are better. These are from PPP, which leans left.

70% of voters nationally have an unfavorable opinion of Weiner compared to just 8% with a positive one. He’s really burned his bridges with pretty much everyone. Certainly his numbers are their worst with Republicans. He has a 3/85 favorability spread with them. But it’s hard to take much positive from his 14/60 standing with independents or the 8/63 he pulls with Democrats either.

60% of voters think he should resign to only 25% who think he should stay in office and 15% who don’t offer an opinion. A plurality of Democrats (46/34) think he should step aside as do a majority of independents (54/28) and pretty much all Republicans (81/11). Interestingly men (66%) feel much strongly than women (55%) that Weiner needs to go.

There’s word he may resign in a day or two.

Oh, I’m glad I’m not a Congressman named Weiner…He’s a tweetin’ tool I’d never want to be

Cause if I were a Congressman named Weiner…”Resign” is all you’d ever say to me…