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Yes, Sarah Palin did get the Paul Revere story right

… because she’d just been told about it.

One week ago, in that innocent time before Weinergate really exploded, Sarah Palin’s interesting history lesson on Paul Revere was beginning to emerge as a big story. However, now the man who taught her about Revere’s 1775 ride and gave her a tour in Boston, is speaking out and coming to her defense.

Rev. Stephen T. Ayres, the vicar of the Old North Church, agrees with Palin that her critics are playing “gotcha” with her statements about Revere. Ayres admits:

“I knew where all the factoids she cited came from and take responsibility for putting them in her head . . . I will not take the blame for the odd order those factoids came out.”

Yet even if they were a bit out of order, Ayres argues Palin’s understanding was correct. He not only instructed Palin on the “one if by land, two if by sea” lesson, but also taught Palin how Revere warned the British that the Americans already were alerted to the fact that the British were coming. Ayres thinks Palin is “an easy target” and doesn’t like the fact that this incident is used by some to suggest Palin is not intelligent.

I fully expect comments immediately that say “oh no she didn’t.”