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What Sarah Palin's Trig letter really says

The media has found no “smoking guns” while killing trees to pore over every word of Sarah Palin’s emails. But the exhaustive search did unearth a touching letter that Gov. Palin sent out to friends and family just a few days before the birth of her fifth child, Trig. Read the entire letter here, especially if your name is Andrew Sullivan (who should be shamed into silence, but we all know he won’t be). I won’t excerpt it; read the whole letter.

The person who wrote that beautiful, guileless letter in 2008 has been vilified to the point of personal destruction ever since. That says quite a lot about the media and the left. They take obvious good and twist it into unrecognizable evil.

I’m personally agnostic as to who should win the GOP presidential nomination, or even if Gov. Palin will enter the race. And if she enters, she should compete like everyone else and prove that she has what it takes to defeat Obama and get the country back on the right track.

But if America can’t elect the person who wrote that letter about the arrival of a special needs child, if America sees Barack Obama side-by-side with the author of that latter, and then selects the ideologue and failure that is Obama, then it says more about us as an electorate than it says about Palin as a candidate.