The PJ Tatler

Relax,'s just basketball.

Leave it to The Tatler editor, Bryan Preston, to take the Dallas Mavericks’ winning the NBA Championship as a way to go after Californians.

Bryan, please remember that sports teams that win championships don’t make your state great.  The Lakers are perennial winners, and the San Francisco 49ers owned the NFL in the 80’s.  The Dodgers have had streaks of greatness as well (though I stopped paying attention to the Dodgers after they left Brooklyn, which is, to say, I’ve never paid attention to the Dodgers.)

If winning championships made a state great, California would have 0% income tax, aerospace would still be thriving here, Hollywood would actually make movies instead of finding the best flights to Canada for their productions and Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been something other than a magnificent hack!

So, congratulation to the Mavericks.  But we don’t care that the Lakers lost.  We’ve got bigger problems….like the city of Berkeley, Nancy Pelosi and The Kardashians.