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Gary Johnson Shut Out of CNN Debate: You Can Get Him In

Our friends over at Reason Magazine have a great post about the CNN’s debate debacle and it’s plans to exlude Gary Johnson from Monday night’s event in New Hampshire. (Note: PJTV will be broadcasting LIVE before, during, and after the debate from New Hampshire on and on our Facebook page.)

Nick Gillespie includes a compelling video in his post about the former governor of New Mexico that, “makes a decent case that the two-term GOP governor (in a Democratic-heavy state!) meets CNN’s own criteria for deciding who gets in and who doesn’t.”

Gillespie also embeds this video from the Johnson campaign that shows a number of our recent presidents and nominees (Clinton, Carter, Dukakis) and their very early single-digit place in the polls.

The campaign video concludes by saying that we shouldn’t let media elites determine who is qualified to be in the debate and provides the CNN corporate phone number.

So, if you want more voices in the debate – like a reasonable libertarian alternative to Ron Paul – call CNN to let them know you’d like to see Gary Johnson in New Hampshire on Monday night: 404-827-1500.

And, if you want to learn more about Johnson, click here to watch PJTV’s interviews with him.