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Flashback: Rick Perry says George W. Bush was 'never ever a fiscal conservative'

As speculation about a possible run for president by Texas Gov. Rick Perry increases, it’s worth a look back at remarks he gave to a house party back in 2007. At the time, Perry was supporting former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s run, which flamed out because Giuliani had pursued a, shall we say, flawed strategy. In this clip, Perry makes one thing very clear: He is not the second coming of George W. Bush. He says Bush was “never ever a fiscal conservative,” and assails Bush’s spending policies as governor of Texas.

Perry was lieutenant governor when Bush was governor, but the offices are independently elected. There has long been some tension between the Perry and Bush wings of the Texas GOP, with Bush’s being the more moderate wing. Many in the Bush wing backed Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s primary run against Perry last year.

Bottom line: Would President Rick Perry be a rehash of President George W. Bush? No. Just ask Rick Perry.