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Flash: No 'Bombshells' from Palin E-Mails! Golly Gee.

The MSM is so darn frustrated today. There are no friggin’ bombshells in the 24,199 pages of emails released today by Alaska of the first 21 months of Sarah Palin’s term as state governor. This is such a let down!

According to Politico, a press gaggle of 17 U.S. and international news organizations dispatched reporters all the way to Juneau, Alaska, to line up for the email traunch. Each had to wait breathlessly until 9 am local time to receive five 55-pound boxes of printed emails.  Each media organization paid $726 in copying costs, not including air fare, hotels, meals or alcoholic beverages.

In an Email from Mother Jones’ DC bureau chief David Corn, he enthusiastically details the preparations by the MSM and opposition political machines that are ready to pounce on the former governor. He boasts: “I have a reporter in Juneau who will grab our set of documents and scan the docs for us in the DC bureau. I and the eight reporters in my bureau will then pore over these pages. Mother Jones,, and ProPublica will be putting up a searchable online database–very quickly–which will allow everybody (other reporters, readers, and GOP opposition researchers) to join in.”

There’s one item that Politico mentions in passing but probably won’t get too much coverage from the mainstream press: Aparently Palin personally received “startlingly nasty hate mail and death threats” via email. Now what is “startling nasty” Emails in the Weinergate era? That the Tatler would like to know.

But to all you Palin haters, the bottom line report: No “bombshells…”

What a darn shame.