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When Former Governors Attack: Romney v. Granholm, Round II

Yesterday, former Michigan governor and Obama surrogate Jennifer Granholm took to the pages of Politico to blast Republican presidential candidate and presumed GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney for his position against the auto bailout in 2008.

The two-term governor, whose own economic policies were so effective in the Great Lake State that she fled to California after her time in office, lamented:

Unfortunately for Romney, we aren’t likely to forget that, when our city most needed help, his response was simple: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.”

Today, the Romney press shop fired back in an email to reporters outlining President Obama’s failed economic record in the state of Michigan. Just how effective has the auto bailout been for the Michigan economy? Here are some numbers:

-Since Obama took office, Michigan has lost approximately 36,900 jobs
-In April of 2011, Michigan lost 10,200 jobs, the largest decline of any state
-In that same month, Michigan’s unemployment rate was a staggering 10.2%

Let’s not also forget this chilling number from a new CNN/Opinion Research poll that shows 48% of Americans believe a new Great Depression is imminent.

This isn’t the first clash between the former governors. Both sparred over auto loans on Meet the Press in December of 2008.