Anthony Weiner, champion of the middle class

With all the focus on Weiner’s…uh…eponymous appendage, deeper analysis may be missing to explain why Rep. Weiner is a hypocrite, instead of just a liar, in order to better document why he should resign (if you’re a lefty) or remain in office (if you’re a righty chess player).


Back in 2005, Weiner ran for mayor of New York City. This propaganda of his included the phrase “middle class” 12 times.

Today, the New York Post reported that the Weiners live in a “Queens home in exclusive Forest Hills Gardens” on “tree-lined Ascan Avenue”. How middle class.

Weiner insists he has “no plans to resign”.

Meanwhile, CNN reported: “Income trends among 90% of Americans are relatively unchanged over the last decade.”

Weiner’s been in Congress for 12 years, fighting for the middle class.

Business as usual is good for Little Tony.


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