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The inevitable has happened: Weiner's X-rated photo leaks

Radio hosts Opie & Anthony snuck a pic of the junk when Andrew Breitbart showed it to them on his cell phone. And then they tweeted it out.

Breitbart is furious.

Weiner should have resigned a long time ago, if for no other reason than to spare us all this national conversation. Now, the man who married into the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party — who was married to Mrs. Clinton’s long-time aide by Clinton himself — clings to power despite rising calls for his resignation. Both Tim Kaine, the former head of the DNC and current Senate candidate from Virginia, and now Rep. Allyson Schwartz of the DCCC have called for him to go.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who once promised to deliver the most ethical Congress ever, has yet to call for Weiner to go, in spite of evidence that he used official resources to conduct his activities.