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Bahraini Shia opposition launches its own satellite network

The Bahraini opposition satellite network, Lulu TV, began broadcasting its programming on Monday. Named after Lulu (Pearl) Square in Manama,  the area is thought of as the pivotal point of the protests in Bahrain.

Following Tehran’s Azadi Square and Egypt’s Tahrir Square, the Pearl Square’s 300-foot monument was torn down by the Bahraini authorities in March at the beginning of the Shia-led protests that are said to have the Iranian regime behind them.

Now Iranian-regime run media, led by the notorious Press TV, as well as news outlets sympathetic to Tehran, are boasting about the launch of the Shia run TV station, calling it the voice of the Bahraini revolution.

On Monday, European satellite companies such as Atlantic Bird 4A 7.0ºW, which belongs to the French Eutelsat and the Egyptian Nilesat, launched Lulu TV’s transmission.

This network, which is in direct opposition to Bahrain’s official broadcasting company, is said to be totally backed by the regime in Tehran.

The first image broadcast from the network was an animation of Pearl monument in Lulu square rebuilding itself, created by the Bahraini protesters.