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Washington Post: ‘Romney appears formidable’ against Obama

Citing their latest opinion poll, Washington Post declared that only Mitt Romney looks strong enough to run against Obama in 2012.

Romney appears formidable: In a general-election trial heat in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll he runs evenly with Barack Obama among all Americans, and numerically outpoints him, 49-46 percent, among registered voters…

Both Palin and Bachmann polled lowest.

Indeed, despite advancing in GOP primary preference, Palin faces daunting challenges. Sixty-four percent of Americans say they definitely will not vote for her for president, a new high. Sixty-three percent describe her as unqualified for the job, below its peak but still a substantial majority. Even in her own party, among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 41 percent rule out voting for her and 39 percent see her as unqualified.

WaPo notes a declining level of satisfaction with the GOP field.

So, in WaPo’s world, we have a choice between Obama Care and Romney Care.

One piece of promising news: WaPo reports that Obama has lost his bin Laden bounce.