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… on my “Bad for the Jews” post:

Diplomad 2.0
2011-06-07 08:09:02
Many years ago, I visited my very elderly grandmother in Morocco. It was shortly after the 1967 war. She was one of the last of the Jews still living in a small town outside of Tangiers. She was quite wealthy and very, very Sephardic, and had been treated well by the Moroccans. In her living room she had a portrait of Maimonides, from whom she claimed direct descent, a box with the “keys to the house in Toledo” from which her ancestors had been driven out by the Catholic monarchs, and pictures of Alfred Dreyfus and Theodore Herzl — all those item are understandable. But then she also had pictures of Marx, Trotsky, and Stalin! I asked about that, “They were good for the Jews,” was the answer in her curious old-fashioned Spanish. Stalin, I asked? Yes, he fought Hitler. Marx and Trotsky? They were Jews, so we have to be loyal to them. She, however, did not like “Hollywood Jews,” because they marry outside the faith and get divorced. They were “bad for the Jews.”

That was her life in Larache, deciding who or what was good or bad for the Jews.