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Video: Watch a desperate sociopath lie

It’s Anthony Weiner, of course, the part of the ABC News interview he did last week, that they didn’t air at the time. They’re airing it now on the web, in fact I linked the article it’s embedded in, in an earlier post. As Allah notes, they seem to be pushing it around now to atone for not going at him harder when they might have been able to do some deeper reporting and force his hand.

Weiner claims to be the victim and hectors ABC’s reporter for asking perfectly reasonable and fair questions. He lies with a fluidity and lack of humility that would do his wedding official very proud indeed.

The Democrats would be wise to jettison this sociopath with prejudice as soon as possible. There is something seriously wrong with him. But that word — wise — doesn’t come up often in politics, and the Democrats have already demonstrated that they will demagogue the Medicare crisis right up to the point of collapse for the sake of picking up a few House seats. They didn’t pull the plug on Ted Kennedy, they didn’t pull the plug on Billy Jeff Clinton, and they will only pull the plug on Weiner if the polls tell them that they have to.