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WH personnel move sparks questions

From Politico’s Morning Energy:

WHITE HOUSE PERSONNEL MOVE – Kathy Ruemmier, a former prosecutor of Enron executives, is taking over as the White House principal deputy counsel to the president. She replaces Bob Bauer, who is leaving to become general counsel for the Democratic National Committee and Obama’s reelection campaign. Fuel Fix:

Hmmm. This could be good or bad for Obama’s insistent plans to impose energy poverty on us Americans he views as so gluttonous — many aspects of which agenda have already been put on hold or are in the process of being put on hold to delay the impacts until after the re-elect . This means that, if she was a diligent investigator, Ms. Ruemmier is someone who knows the ins and outs of the genesis of the Obama energy and economic policy. True story. I was in the room. If briefly. As in so many other areas even remotely associated with the ‘climate’ agenda and industry, dissenting viewpoints were not enthusiastically received.