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Chris Matthews really wants to find the Racer in Romney

On his show, Hardball, Chris Matthews accused presidential candidate Mitt Romney  – and by extension the Republican Party – of racism, and of being Nativists.  Specifically, Romney’s reference to Obama’s economic policy as “European” was, to Matthews, and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a slur.

You can find the video clip here.

Matthews and Rendell think that the use of the term “European” is name calling.  Rendell specifically stated that if GOP contenders have an issue with Obama’s policies, they should say so directly. Unfortunately, Rendell isn’t capable of understanding that calling Obama’s economic policy “European” is pretty direct.  After all, should a presidential contender really say Obama’s economic policy is a scam job that will destroy the US economy?  Is that direct enough? Or, is that a “slur” as well?  (As a side note, yes…presidential candidates should say exactly that!)

How is this all racist?  Well, Matthews’ first comment, after listening to Romney’s comments, is, “…let’s keep race out of it for five seconds….”  Matthews is obviously stating that Romney is attacking Obama based on race, and using the “slur” of “European” as code to do so.

What do you think?