#WeinerYes: British Daily Mail takes Weinergate international

As only they can, covering all the angles that gentle Jon Stewart managed to leave out: The porn star, the Gorgeous Ladies of Weiner, all of it.

Mr Weiner, 46, has almost 50,000 fans on the social networking site, but he has chosen to follow just 198 in return – many of whom are attractive young females, and include a porn star, ‘Miss Ginger Lee’. …

Mr Weiner also denied any suggestions of impropriety over the large number of women he follows on Twitter.

He said: ‘The people I follow – it’s fairly random…Just because we’re a network of 45,000 people I don’t think people should draw suppositions that I know any of these people in any sense.

‘People simply don’t understand that you form networks with people to get more followers.’


Nice try, Weiner boy, but his follower list is not random at all. It is still around 200, and includes a disproportionate number of attractive young women, many of them comely, long-haired brunettes. Like Gennette Nicole, the recipient of Friday’s lewd tweet. Folks who know twitter understand that this is not random. I mean, some level of twitter followership is random because people can follow you without you following them or really even being very aware of it, and the more people you follow and who follow you, the more random it can get. But Weiner has 45,000+ followers and just about 200 followees. It’s a two-way relationship, and his method of establishing that relationship leaves him open to questions:

Many of them follow the lawmaker after he makes appearances on television. He then replies, saying ‘thanks so much for following me. Would you like me to follow you? Use #WeinerYes’.

He has probably set a column in Tweetdeck, which we know he uses, to watch the hashtag #WeinerYes. The comely young maiden to whom he has reached out tweets it back at him, he sees it in Tweetdeck and follows her, and they can then direct message.The man seems to be building a cyber harem.


I have to say, now that the Daily Mail has started covering Weinergate, the Taiwanese animation can’t be far behind. I. Can’t. Wait.


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