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Video: Democrat chair slams Republicans for wanting illegal immigration to be illegal

The Democrat chair in question is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz of Florida. She heads the DNC. And in the following clip, she actually slams Republicans for wanting to make illegal immigration a “crime.” Which, being illegal, it already is.

“The Republican solutions that I’ve seen in the last few years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries, and in fact, that it should be a crime. We should arrest them all.”

DWS alleges several fun things in this clip. One, Democrats apparently don’t think that illegal immigration is illegal. Two, they seem content with maintaining an economy in which we have 9% unemployment while millions of people who are here illegally are taking some of the jobs Americans would otherwise fill. Three, they’re apparently content to have massive illegal immigration drive wages down. This is all in the aim of eventually legalizing and then naturalizing the millions of illegals, to create millions of new votes for what otherwise is a wounded political party bereft of any ideas beyond “Give the government more power.”

As for her contention that the Republicans believe in arresting all illegal immigrations and shipping them back to their countries of origin, the “round ’em all up” approach hasn’t been the GOP’s position or anyone else’s. DWS is, to put it charitably, lying to the folks she’s addressing. There is no single Republican approach to illegal immigration (which is already illegal, and which usually begets other crimes such as identity theft), but to the extent that there is consensus, it emphasizes border security before dealing with the millions who are already here illegally. And attrition, via cutting off benefits to illegals, stopping the practices of sanctuary cities, and going after employers, undoubtedly rates higher in any broad list of methods for reversing the flow of illegals than any direct “round ’em all up” approach.

Warner Todd Huston has much more on this over at RWN.