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Texas Rep Gene Green supports Hispanic ghettos?

Democratic Congressman Gene Green, along with Democratic Reps. Charlie Gonzalez of San Antonio, Silvestre Reyes of El Paso and Lloyd Doggett of Austin, have filed suit against the Texas legislature’s proposed Congressional redistricting. They seek “court-ordered creation of two Hispanic congressional districts in Harris County.”

Of course, should Hispanics desire “one of their own” to represent them in Congress, they’ll have to remain living in those districts. And as the districts become more and more Hispanic, they’ll eventually lose the ability to integrate into American society.

The Nazis kept the Jews under control in Warsaw. Useful things, those ghettos.

Democrats, aka the lawyers’ party, will use legal gambits like the Voting Rights Act to ensure their burgeoning new “victim” group receives racial preference so their ‘own’ represents them in Congress. This is to better enable Democrats to steer Hispanics down the road they forced upon Blacks following the Civil War, when the Democrats used the stick/carrot (White League terrorists/paternalism) to cajole freemen back into a state as close to slavery as possible.

The Democrats, just as racist as they were post-bellum, want to gain another captive voting bloc. They seek to isolate Hispanics by racial heritage in the new, politically correct ghetto system, convincing them to place the yoke on their own necks in exchange for handouts.