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Bill O'Reilly to the FBI: Tell us about your Weiner investigation by tomorrow.

I wasn’t aware that Fox News Channel hosts had ultimatum power over the FBI. But they are the most powerful name in news. This is from tonight’s O’Reilly Factor.

[Lis] Wiehl noted that she had attempted to reach FBI officials and get a comment on the record about the current state of their potential investigation, but they “would not confirm nor deny” anything. “They certainly can confirm,” O’Reilly countered repeatedly, until Wiehl modified her comment: “they did not confirm nor deny.” “That’s wrong,” an outraged O’Reilly replied. “We pay their salaries.”

Guilfoyle agreed with this sentiment, appearing both upset at the FBI’s silence and saying she was “highly skeptical” of Rep. Weiner’s claims of innocence, noting that hackers rarely let a victim regain control of their account immediately. “I want the FBI to tell the American public what they’re doing,” O’Reilly concluded after they group discussed potential legal action and O’Reilly admitted that he was looking at the story through a strictly legal, and not technological, perspective. Then he issued an ultimatum– until he tapes tomorrow’s show– for a straight answer. “With all due respect, Mr. Mueller, we’re going to want a statement from you.”

Just to wrap our minds around all this: A tweet of a link to a lewd pic now has the highest rated host in cable news calling out the head of the FBI. So, yeah, this story has gone mainstream.