Rumors of the day: Giuliani, McCotter thinking about running for president

At some point, everyone will be rumored to be running for president, for 15 minutes.


Speaking at a dinner with reporters in Washington, King, who was an enthusiastic Giuliani supporter in 2008, said the former mayor has been quietly lining up support and exploring strategy. Giuliani has also examined the mistakes his campaign made in ’08, when he did not seriously compete in a contest until the Florida primary, by which time he was hopelessly behind in the race.



U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter said he’s seriously eyeing a run for president.

McCotter, R-Livonia, told Politico he will decide within the next two weeks whether to join the presidential race. The GOP field lost conservative favorite Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels last week and gained former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The presumed front-runner of the group is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Michigan native.

“I think the majority of the Republican electorate isn’t happy with the choices they’ve got and want to take a look at new people,” McCotter told Politico. His office later confirmed the comments in the article.


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