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Netanyahu at AIPAC

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to AIPAC Monday night, saying things that ought to be obvious. Things such as, Israel is not what’s wrong with the Middle East. Israel cannot return to its indefensible 1967 borders. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t the root of Middle East tensions. All perfectly obvious to anyone who is not on the far left. Left wing hecklers disrupted his speech momentarily, but many of them are on the Islamists’ side now. Disrupting the speech of a democratically elected prime minister visiting our country as a guest, while fellow traveler Cynthia McKinney goes to Iran to declare that members of Congress have to sign some sort of pledge of loyalty to Israel, is just what these people do.

I’m sure President Obama can find a way to make himself look more irresponsible and ridiculous than he currently does, but it’s hard to see how. Netanyahu is here discussing Israeli security in the context of historic turmoil across the region; Joplin is reeling from the most destructive tornado in years; and the civil war on the south side of the border that Obama mocked a couple of weeks ago has sent the “bravest woman in Mexico” to the US for asylum while another mass grave has been discovered in the city where they used to shoot cowboy movies. Yet Obama is out pub crawling in Ireland.