Pawlenty announcing presidential run today

Lately the news on the GOP side has been all about who is not running for president. For once, we have some news in the other direction and it’s good news.


This is a terrific video, about as different from the Obama hope n change routine as it can get. Pawlenty also has a strong op-ed out in USA Today, describing how “real change is about telling hard truths.

I’m going to try something a little unusual in politics. I’m just going to tell the truth. Washington is broken, our country is going broke, and our long-term financial outlook will make the pain of the recent recession pale in comparison.

It’s long past time for America’s president — and anyone who wants to be president — to be straight with the American people.

So here it is: Government money isn’t “free.” Either you and I pay for it in taxes, or our children pay for it in debt. The reforms we need are not in the billions, but in the trillions of dollars. And the cuts we must make cannot just be in other people’s favorite programs.

That’s why later this week I’m going to New York City to tell Wall Street that if I’m elected, the era of bailouts and handouts for big banks is over. I’m going to Florida to tell both young people and seniors that our entitlement programs are on an unsustainable path and have to be changed. And, today, I’m in Iowa to speak truthfully about farm subsidies.


Tim Pawlenty is a complete candidate. He has a strong record as governor of a blue state, moving it as he says in the video toward a conservative direction. He already has well formed conservative views on foreign policy. And he is not a hype machine like the current president. Conservatives and independents would do well to give Tim Pawlenty a chance to prove himself as a candidate.


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