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Obama Calls for the End of Israeli Sovereignty

Before AIPAC, Obama repeated what he said in his Thursday speech: he called for a “sovereign and contiguous state” for the “Palestinians.” Since he is calling for this state to be established in Gaza and the West Bank, to achieve “contiguity” it is necessary that Israel be bisected—that land which was not under the rule of either Egypt or Jordan prior to the 1967 war be handed over to hostile “Palestinians.” Obama is in effect demanding that Israel tacitly cede any claim to sovereignty—that it admit it has no permanent claim to any of the land it held prior to the Six-Day War—and that Arab demands for a “contiguous” state trump Israel’s right to contiguity.

By the way, the United States is not a “contiguous state.” There is no contiguity between the main 48 states and either Alaska or Hawaii.