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Obama and Israel:A Trip Through Memory Lane

Jeff Dobbs, whose pen name is hit & run, posted this reminder at Just One Minute:

as a candidate,Obama spoke to AIPAC,saying that Jerusalem “must remain undivided”. And then after the passing of less than 24 hours he had to backtrack because Palestinians were righteously outraged — and he went back and said, “of course the status of Jerusalem is something that will have to be negotiated.”

He has a spine of steel and the resolve of legend.

Of course,my first real introduction to Obama (I don’t even remember his 2004 Dem convention speech) was via a speech he gave to AIPAC back in 2007 right after he announced.

“The biggest enemy I think we have in this whole process (and why I’m so glad to see a lot of young people here, young in spirit if not young in age) — the reason I think it’s so important, is because one of the enemies we have to fight — it’s not just terrorists, it’s not just Hezbollah, it’s not just Hamas — it’s also cynicism,”

Cynicism as big a threat as terrorists. He said it with a straight face and virtually no one at AIPAC (nor anyone else outside the conservative blogosphere) batted an eye. My God,how did this man become president?

Jeff also has his own  blog,The Voice in My Head.