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Michael Steele headed to...MSNBC?

Well, he always was a better pundit than a party leader or candidate.

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is in negotiations with MSNBC to be a political analyst, according to sources.

Steele would be a prominent Republican voice on a network known for its liberal television hosts. If the deal goes through, he would join the cable network in time to offer commentary on the 2012 elections.

“Political analyst” means he won’t get a show, which is kind of a shame. For all the knocks on his time at the RNC, Steele is very smart and is infinitely more talented and interesting than Ed Schultz or anyone else on MSNBC. He’s certainly less predictable. And he could add a little color to an otherwise blandly monochrome host line-up on that channel. He’s not quite as telegenic as the person who would be my first choice to diversify MSNBC’s line-up, but he’ll do. I hope they sign him.

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