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Bibi gives Obama a history lesson

In a joint conversation with President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and just after the speech by Obama where he stated that Israel should return to 1967 borders, Netanyahu proceeded to give Obama, and the world, an important history lesson, along with a masterful refutation of Obama’s call for the new border set up.

Netanyahu also reminded the President, and the world, that it was Israel that absorbed many refugees during the formation of Israel.  However, it was the Arab states — Israel’s neighbors – who refused to accept the Palestinian refugees.  This is important to remember when viewing the Middle East — the Palestinians were left for dead by the same nations that now use them as a rallying cry to wage war against Israel.  The Palestinians are being (and have been) played as pawns by their so-called allies.

Netanyahu was clear, that Israel will not return to 1967 borders, which, as Netanyahu said with a perfect understanding of America, will (paraphrasing) leave Israel half as wide as the Washington Beltway. Further, Netanyahu said that Israel can not negotiate with the Palestinians while they are connected to Hamas, which he referred to as, “…the Palestinian version of Al Qaeda.”

More commentary will be available on the Tatler and on, but the prime minister was clear – Israel will not accept the president’s position as laid out in his policy speech, Israel will defend itself and that a Palestinian “homeland” will not exist within the Jewish State.