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Video: Texas Democrat counts illegal aliens among the constituents he represents

His name is Rafael Anchia, and he is the elected state Rep. from district 103 in the Dallas area. He is also said to have his eye on one of Texas’ new seats in Congress. Speaking in the Texas House to oppose an Arizona-style immigration reform bill in the Texas legislature (House Bill 12), Anchia openly says that he represents illegal aliens.

“The immigrant population in district 103 includes some of the finest and most hard working people in the state of Texas. They’re people that you’re gonna find on roofs, or in construction crews, in the middle of the summer when the temperature gauge says 100 degrees. You trust them to take care of your children and you give them the keys to your house to do your dirty laundry. They’re people of faith who fill the churches of all traditions….The constituents who I represent who are undocumented hate criminal gangs, hate drug dealers, hate narcos, hate terrorists as much as any of us in this room.”

First, in an economy with flat income and few jobs, just how many Texans actually hire anyone to perform the jobs Anchia describes for them? Most Texans aren’t rich lawyers like Anchia, and take care of their own kids and do their own laundry.

Second…”the constituents who I represent who are undocumented…” Anchia there admits that he considers illegal aliens his constituents. He represents them.

Silly me, I thought elected officials were supposed to represent the citizens who vote them into office, and part of their responsibility is not just making new laws, but to uphold the laws of the state and country that are already on the books. There is an oath of office to that effect. Anchia may have his eye on higher office, but with these remarks he reveals that the nation’s laws mean nothing to him, and he has shown himself to be unfit for any elective office.

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