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GOP's 2012 field shaping up

Huck and Trump are out. Newt can’t agree with himself, and Romney finally finds a hill to die on — it just happens to be a hill that conservatives loathe and have no interest in capturing. Daniels has a great record in office but keeps saying things that make him appear to be weak as a candidate and advocate for the party faithful. Palin and Bachmann aren’t officially in the race yet, but supposing they do get in, both have trouble speaking to the independents they will need to win.

At this point, I see three serious contenders emerging: Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, and Paul Ryan (even though he’s not in yet). All three are impressive and more than qualified. A ticket including any two of the three joins intelligence, maturity and experience. Any ticket with either Pawlenty or Ryan and Cain joins north and south, and brings real business experience and success to bear, while bringing a very strong stump speaker into the mix, in Cain.

What do you think?