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Poll: public supports voter ID law, will Eric Holder oppose?

The Minnesota Star Tribune just released a poll showing eighty percent support for Voter ID laws in Minnesota.  This is devastating news to opponents and the vote fraud deniers.  You can barely get eighty percent to say they think Elvis is really dead.

The public seems to support Voter ID despite a steady media drumbeat against it.  I’ve covered the media onslaught against Voter ID in places like Wisconsin, Texas and elsewhere in the nation.  The opposition is coordinated and using the same talking points.  This year, a new talking point was added their arsenal – cost – a nice post-election touch.

But Voter ID supporters should not underestimate the desire of the Holder Justice Department to find a sacrificial lamb and attack or block voter ID somewhere, preferably in a state covered by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  Bryan Preston covered this yesterday.  Under the 2006 revisions of Section 5, it will be easier to block a voter ID law than you think.  It is not enough to say the U.S. Supreme Court approved it in Indiana.  The issue is far more complicated.   And Obama needs an energized base.  Nothing will energize his base like a DOJ objection to a Voter ID law somewhere in the South.