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General Motors – jobs 'added or preserved' sounds an awful lot like 'created or saved'

We have with great frequency catalogued the ongoing farce that is the federal government’s $49.9 billion bailout of General Motors.  Yesterday delivered us the next two-step in the charade.

The White House, for its part, was again in full self-rapture mode:

How Tough Love Averted Catastrophe & Led to 4,200 New American Jobs

These are allegedly new General Motors (GM) gigs.  According to the White House’s own blog, we are still in full-on Government Motors mode.

The author is Ron Bloom, who is Assistant to the President for Manufacturing Policy (National Economic Council).  And he repeatedly hails a “bold” President Obama for facing GM’s bankruptcy “head-on” with “tough love.”

“Tough love” the White House claims just resulted in 4,200 new gigs.

Or did it?

Remember the lamest of the lame attempted spin on the nearly 2009 $1 trillion alleged “stimulus” bill?  It didn’t create jobs, it “created or saved” them?

The media fell for it like, well, always when it comes to Left-wing gyrations.

Well it appears that there aren’t “4,200 new American jobs” at GM.  There are 4,200 jobs “new or preserved.”  Which sounds like a new media euphemism for the same lame “stimulus” spin.

And so it is.

GM announces it will add or preserve 4,000 jobs

GM to add or preserve 4,000 jobs, invest $2B in plants

General Motors $2 billion investment expected preserve up to 2,000 local jobs

Although it appears CNN’s Roland Martin didn’t get the memo:

GM Expansion To Save Or Create 4,200 Jobs

Here’s to the terrible mangling of the language and our sensibilities that is “added or preserved” having an even shorter shelf life than did “created or saved.”