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Reminiscences of California

Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent piece about the disconnect between California “poverty” and economic reality. Highly recommended.

It reminds me of my 18 years in California. We were two middle-class working professionals, self-employed and trying to live like citizens. The problem was, we didn’t have an eight-digit trust fund to pay for the house. When you have 2 people earning $90,000 annually and can’t afford a mortgage, something’s wrong.

We got out before the real estate crash and moved to Texas. As soon as possible, I got my concealed carry license. What a fresh breath of freedom, to be able to carry personal protection legally.

(Note to Pavlovian Second Amendment fans: yeah, yeah about the permit process. We’ll get around to what Arizona and Wyoming did, but compared to California’s anti-rights environment, I’ll take Texas anytime.)

People in CA chided me about moving to redneck-land. I decided to be polite to most of them and hold my silence. But if you want to live with angry, intolerant, narrow-minded, mean-spirited people who act aggressive if you don’t agree with their views, move to California.