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Video: Bin Laden watches himself on TV

So many channels and nothing on that’s worth watching.

I eagerly await giggling at whatever After Effects wizards think of CGing on bin Laden’s little TV screen there. Soaps? Pr0n? Another “Hitler discovers…” video? Denny’s Baconalia commercials? Or maybe we’ll discover OBL was a Redskins fan. Or as, a a facebook commenter suggested, MSNBC?

It is worth wondering why OBL had himself videotaped watching himself on TV. He probably was a vain son of a gun, but I doubt vanity explains this. Maybe it was intended to be sent around as a proof of life to his doubting troops? It would be very useful to know when this clip was taped. Could it have been taped near either the capture of Saddam or the demise of Zarqawi?

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