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You Want to Appease Syria? Not to Worry, Hillary's Out in Front

It’s hard to imagine a more classic example than this.  Courtesy of al-Reuters.

“…they have an opportunity still to bring about a reform agenda,” Clinton said.

“Nobody believed Gaddafi would do that. People do believe there is a possible path forward with Syria. So we’re going to continue joining with all of our allies to keep pressing very hard on that.”

Which is a brutal message to Assad:  just keep up the slaughter, buddy, we’ve got your back.”  And to the Syrian people:  “give it up, we’re with your murderers.”

Change, not really.  Hope, not at all.  At least not if you’re out there fighting for freedom.  Or if you’re an American soldier on the battlefield.  Obama and Hillary will be remembered as the dynamic duo that appeased killers of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hell of a legacy.