When guns are outlawed…

Only criminals like Jacob Gonzalez will own one.

Gonzalez was upset after fighting with his girlfriend, so he pulled out his pistol and shot her as they drove in a friend’s car. He killed the other two women, one the driver, just for good measure.


After crashing, he got out and ran away like the coward he is. He was arrested and charged with three counts of capital murder (death penalty on the table).

The Corpus Christi Caller reports:

“According to Nueces County District Clerk’s records, Gonzalez is currently on probation for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He also has previous convictions for possession of marijuana and burglary of a vehicle.”

(Excellent life accomplishments for a 21-year-old.)

But, but, but!!! He’s a felon, and federal law bans firearms possession by felons!

Didn’t he get that memo?


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