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Is the media CW already turning against Obama's handling of the OBL raid?

If you’ve lost Mark Halperin, you’ve lost Mark Halperin. And maybe other conventional wisdom peddlers like him. Halperin, last seen praising President Obama for being “brilliant” on the 2011 budget by not releasing one at all, is out today with a list of five mistakes the Obama admin has made since announcing the death of bin Laden.

The list will seem familiar to readers here and anyone who doesn’t regularly partake of the Obama Kool-Aid: They didn’t get their story straight before going public; they let the photo debate get (and remain) out of control; they let the debates about Afghanistan and Pakistan get out of control; and Obama snubbed Bush by not acknowledging his contribution to getting Osama. That last one didn’t go unnoticed. Obama tried for a do-over and got rejected.

All of these mistakes are either fueling conspiracies, inflaming partisanship or irritating Americans who are already fed up with bending over to satisfy Islamic sensitivities while we pay with lives and billions of dollars to civilize a part of the world that seems uninterested in the prospect. I mean, I don’t know about you, but my first thought when I heard bin Laden had eaten lead was to hope it was at least halal.